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Name: Siobhan
What age do you have to be to attend the senior session on a Thursday night? Because I feel that the junior session is too young for me.
Obviously, because it's in The Wild Duck you are probably better to be over 18. But if your accompanied by an adult then any reasonable age would be ok i.e. 16 +
Name: Pictures
Is there any pics of the concert?
Photos are now uploaded to the gallery section of the website under Concerts.
Name: Comhaltas
Had a great night last night, it was brilliant!
A totally classic nights entertainment by a truely talented bunch of musicians!!
Name: Fleadh
Where is the fleadh next year?
Co. Antrim Comhaltas have not decided yet!!
Maybe Cushendall or Portglenone?
Name: Comhaltas
Do we have to pay to get in to see the concert on Friday? Lol
Admission is 8 for adults and 4 for juniors. Portglenone CCE Junior members are free. (Subsidised by Portglenone CCE)
Name: KMG!
Cheers! it will be a great nights craic. .cant wait now :)
Name: ???
Thank you :)
Name: ???
Sorry, I meant the session after the concert on Friday. :S Sorry.
As soon as the concert ends. Probably around 10.30 or 11pm.
Name: ???
What time will the session be at the duck?
Which session?
Junior Session every Wednesday from 7-8pm.
Senior Session every Thursday from 9pm to 11.30pm.
Name: KMG!
Will there be a session on Friday after the concert?? The night would be better craic if there was!!
Most definitely!! As soon as the concert is over it's up to the Library end of the Front Bar in The Wild Duck.
Name: JS
Is there any chance that the junior session could last to half 8, instead of 8? Because one hour goes in very fast.
Unfortunately not as the younger ones have to go home to get ready for bed. If you ask Harry to stay on for a while longer he may do so! Be nice!!
Name: Catriona D
Well done on the final total. Glad to see that Irish trad is still very much alive. See all soon.
Name: Player!
Well done at the weekend everyone! It was an enjoyable experience for a good cause!
Name: Colleen W
Just wanted to say well done to the people who played this weekend, it is great to see so many people contributing to such a good cause. It was an enjoyable few hours playing.
Name: Trad for Trocaire
Is there any pictures of the trad for trocaire sessions?
Check out the Gallery Section under Fundraising. Some class photos!!!
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