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Name: kevin
Are there any pictures of the session that we had last thursday?
See the Gallery Section of the website! All Uploaded!! And Photos of the Fold Concert.
Name: tinny
When do the classes  start again
Monday 10th January
Name: Colleen W
Last night's end of year session was great! I really enjoyed the night! :)
Name: ....
Any pictures of the last few nights performances?
Coming very soon.....
Name: Catriona D
Glad to hear the tradition is very alive in st. Louis. Proud to have been in the trad group when I was there!
Name: Colleen W
Kieran, what time do all of us meet up on Wednesday to play in the fold? I left early and didn't hear the announcements. Thanks :)
Meet at 'The Fold' for 7pm start
Name: Violin
Is there a christmas party on tonite?
Yes, last class of the year tonight!! All to be there at 7pm - 8pm.
Name: Admin
Due to the severe weather the classes are cancelled tonight.
Name: RE: Colleen W
Yeah, I'll be there... if it's still on!  Thanks Kieran! :)
Name: Colleen W
Are lessions still on tonight because on the snow?
All we can say at the minute is classes are still on although a lot of pupils and tutors will be badly affected by the snow! If you can make it to the classes safely then you are one of the lucky ones. Sure, you only have to cross the road!!
Name: Colleen W
Looking forward to the Christmas session down at the fold. :)
Wednesday 15th December 2010!!
Name: pg1 cce
Is the session on wednesday still on because of the christmas lights being turned on in portglenone.
Still on as usual 7 - 8pm on Wednesday
Name: Micí Mac Cú Uladh
Is breá an suíomh idirlíne í seo. Comhghairdeas libh go léir as an sár-oibre ar son an cheoil atá ar siúl agaibh.
Name: prize giving
Congratulation to Emma McElrean for winning the Key Stage 3 Music Award at St Marys Clady, and Collen Webb who won the Traditional Musican Award and the Choir Award. Well done to you all.
Well done indeed!!
Name: Colleen W
Kieran, is the junior session on next Wednesday the 3rd November?
Yes, it's on right up to Christmas.
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