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Name: Beatha agus sláinte.
Location: Inis, Co. Clair
A Chairde,

Má tá ceol, amhránaíocht agus rince traidisiúnta den scoth uaibh i 2012 ná déanaigí
dearmad ar an bhFleadh Nua a bheas ar siúl in Inis, Co. an Chláir ón 20 go dtí an 28
Bealtaine i mbliana.  Guímid sonas agus só ar ár gcairde go léir ar feadh na hAthbhliana.

If you seek the best of Traditional Music, Song and Dance in 2012 don't forget the Fleadh
Nua which will take place in Ennis, Co. Clare from 20th to 28th May.  May the New Year
bring happiness and contentment to all of our friends.

Beirigí bua agus beannacht,

Rory Casey
O.C.P. / P.R.O.
Coiste Fleadh Nua
Name: Portglenone CCE
Session report and photos now uploaded to the website and Facebook page. See News and Gallery sections!!
Name: lennons
jus wondering is music still on 2nite with the weather???
Yes it's still on if you can make it!!
Name: wondering
When is the comhaltas finishing for c''mas?
The last night of the classes is this Monday the 12th December from 7pm - 8.30pm and the last night of the Junior Sessions is on Wednesday 14th December 7-8pm.
Name: fiddle
do we have 2 were our t shirts? and a santa hat?
T Shirts yes and if you have a santa hat thats fine!!
Name: Colleen
Just wondering, when do we play down at the fold?
Wednesday evening on 7th Dec 2011 from 7 - 8pm.
Name: Catriona D
Thanks for the tunes list. Will look into those for my performance next week.
Name: Tunes
In relation to the comment below.. there are some good flute tunes my favourite tunes would be 'the ash plant' 'dustin the windowstill' 'sailor on the rock' and 'the mountain top reel' hope this is helpful
Name: Christmas Session
Looking forward to the Christmas session! But you forgot to change the date to 2011 - unless we are going back in time! :)
Yes, noticed that on Saturday. Have it fixed on the web and hopefully everyone knows ots 2011!! Thanks for the heads up!
Name: Flautist
Anyone know of any tunes preferably reels that sound good on a flute?
Good discussion! Any one else want to contribute?
Name: Catriona
congrats on raising 800+!
just seen Colleen's comment on the keyboard... just find the 1st, 3rd and 5th for the chord of the note and you cant go far wrong..
Name: Trocaire
How much did we raise for are busking?
At the minute over £800. So well done to all.
Final Total will be announced very soon!
Name: Colleen
Are there any classes for learning to play the keyboard?
No Sorry. Your the first to enquire about the Keyboard!!
Name: Trad Head
Has the times for busking in costcutters for trad for trocaire been confirmed yet?
Most likely between 10am to 12am in Costcutters on Sat 1st Oct 2011.
Name: Santa Claus
Is the senior session still on tonight in the wild duck?
I would think that it is on as usual!
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