Ballymena Centenary Festival 2016 Syllabus launch

20 October 2015
Ballymena Festival organisers are delighted to announce the launch of their 2016 Centenary Festival syllabus. To celebrate the centenary of the Festival they have commissioned copies of the original Ballymena Musical Festival Association medals, first issued in 1916. These have been copied in gold, silver and bronze and will be used this year only as prize winnersí badges.

Ballymena Festival organisers are also delighted to announce that every performer/group will receive a specially designed certificate to commemorate their participation in this Festival. The certificates have been sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Please visit the festival website to download the syllabus or to view it in e-book form.

Entries close on 15th January 2016. Ballymena Festival organisers would advise early application of entries in this very special year.