Leicester CCE Fundraiser for the Bubble Foundation

21 February 2012
Hi All.  Leicester Comhaltas: Irish Family Night & fundraising drive in aid of The Bubble Foundation UK Sacred Heart Parish Hall – Leicester, 25th February 2012

Oscar McLaughlin, 8 months old, was airlifted to The Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Belfast on St. Stephens day. His mum, Olivia McLaughlin (nee Hughes) is the daughter of Barney Hughes (Dunloy) and sister of Moya Townsend who is the current Leicester Comhaltas development officer. Oscar was born without an immune system and cannot fight the  simplest of infection. Even the 'common cold' passed on by a mother’s kiss can be fatal.

He is waiting to have a Bone Marrow transplant and for at least 6  months will live in a high-tech sterile room known as ‘The Bubble’. The BUBBLE  FOUNDATION UK raises funds for medical equipment, toys and educational aids,  welfare of the babies, children and their families, and importantly to fund  research required at this cutting edge of paediatric practice.

Oscars Maternal family have been committed Comhaltas members for a considerable number of years. Barney Hughes (Oscars grandfather) joined the Dunloy branch of  Comhaltas in 1976, a year after it was founded. He has been an active member of  the branch, holding all posts over the years. Barney also led fundraising to support the construction of Dunloy’s Comhaltas teschan cheoil (known by the children as Dunloy’s hut!). This is still used for weekly classes, gatherings and sessions. Barney & his wife Dolores have six children who are all Comhaltas members and three remain active musicians within Comhaltas. Moya (Leicester development officer) who plays the fiddle; Eimear who plays the harp and Olivia, the mother of Oscar, who plays and teaches the fiddle at Dunloy.

Olivia & Pearse (Oscar’s parents) would be  pleased to hear from you, and would be delighted if you were able to support the Bubble Foundation. Leicester Comhaltas are hosting their Family night on the 25th February as a fundraiser for the Bubble Foundation. We would really appreciate (if possible) any financial support for the Bubble Foundation, however small, but as important, we would gladly pass on any letters of good wishes to Olivia & Pearse. All funds are being processed through Leicester Comhaltas. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more information.

For more information about this event contact:
Brian Smith 01162 877481
Moya Townsend 07891 897950
Giotto Bonamally 07808 060312

Best wishes,

Peter Quinlan
Secretary - Comhaltas Leicester branchTreasurer - Comhaltas Midland

Region UK Leicester website: http://www.leicestercomhaltas.org/
Events & News: http://www.s398955085.initial-website.co.uk/news-and-events/Bubble
Foundation: http://www.bubblefoundation.org.uk/
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